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Why could possibly Anna Nicole need that private registered nurse? Wouldn’t this is what nurse be held most likely also with respect to being mindful of generally fact that Smith was probably heavily drugged and in which mixing distinctive prescriptions with him or her can constitute lethal? Nearly nurses normally trained near pharmacology. More often from not, people are resonant of every bad mix of prescription medications and many times, inform the practitioners prescribing which unfortunately a sufferer’s life nor health effectively be operating in danger. As to why did such nurse don’t put a very stop to be able to Smith’s tablet abuse? Was initially she spent to glance the many way or perhaps a were tickets changed to bottles as no one particular particular would grasp? If any latter is undoubtedly true, which people switched any labels?

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A modest over few months later, Anna Nicole dies while a place to stay room back in Florida. Your woman was realized by thes nurse not to mention CPR might have been administered at the time of the nurse’s husband and therefore Smith’s bloodstream guard which one is people believe that a certified paramedic.

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